Revitalising Eye Oil

Handmade with Cold Pressed, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free ingredients in Brighton, UK.

Help to protect the delicate skin around your eyes with a sophisticated palate of plant oils. The skin around the eyes requires extra hydration. Fewer pores around the eyes mean that the skin can provide less natural moisture and this leads to dryness and premature wrinkles.


Use just one single drop of Revitalising Eye Oil per eye. Massage the oil just underneath each eye in the morning and in the evening to add hydration to this delicate area where the skin is only half a millimetre thick.

Organic Revitalising Eye Oil is also an effective and gentle eye make-up remover when applied to cotton wool and gently wiped over the eye area. Can also be used to moisturise the entire face and neck area.

One bottle lasts a very long time!


  • Moisturise the eye area
  • Removes eye makeup tear free


  • Sea buckthorn fruit
  • Cold pressed rosehip oil
  • Cold pressed grapeseed oil
  • Cold pressed jojoba oil

Suitable for topical use only, do not consume.


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