Raw For 24 - 1 Day Raw Food Spring Challenge

Raw For 24 is a one day raw food challenge for anyone that wants to spring clean their body and kick start glowing skin, fat loss, more energy, a better connection with your food choices. 

This is an instant download which will provide you with a Raw For 24 Challenge Kit to support you through the challenge.

After you have downloaded the Challenge Kit, you will find the link to join my private Facebook group to get support from myself (Jessica) and the other members in the group.

What is Raw For 24, the 1 day raw food challenge?

This is a relatively simple challenge and the perfect opportunity to kick start a healthy eating regime or just enjoy a day of amazing raw plant foods!

Upon check out, you will be automatically send a download link and you can download the Challenge Kit and start planning your Raw For 24 Day straight away!

What's included in the downloadable Raw For 24 Challenge Kit?

  • One full day of raw food recipes
  • A list of useful items to help you through the challenge
  • Shopping guidance of what to purchase ahead of the challenge
  • Some inner work to complete before you do the challenge - to help you get the most out of it
  • 42 page Challenge Support Kit

How easy is it to eat raw food for one day?

It really depends on your current diet and lifestyle. If you're already eating clean plant foods this challenge is likely to be easier. If you aren't then your body might experience a slightly stronger detox. This is normal and part of the program! Just keep drinking the "Get The Glow" drink (you will find the recipe on page 20 of the downloadable Challenge Kit) and carry on consuming the recipes.

When should you do the challenge?

You can do this challenge in your own time on a day that best suits you. Some people choose weekends whilst others prefer to plan a day in the week. It's an online challenge so you choice when is best for you!

I know you are going to LOVE this fun and healthy challenge!

With love,


Owner of Rawgaia, Nutrition Consultant, Published Recipe Book Author (Leaping Hare, The Quatro Group, North Atlantic Books), 19 year Vegan.  

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