Organic Jojoba Oil (100ml)

A gentle moisturiser for delicate skin, Organic Jojoba Oil is incredibly light, absorbing completely and quickly into the skin, keeping it soft and supple. Extracted from jojoba beans, the oil was traditionally used to treat cuts, sores and bruises, as well as sunburn.

Frequently, an over-production of skin oil, or “sebum” stems from stripping the natural and healthy protective oil barrier that floats on the top of the skin; harsh cleansers and chemical skin treatments are usually the culprit. The structure of our Organic Jojoba Oil very closely resembles the skin’s natural oil barrier. Excess sebum, unlike Jojoba Oil, may clog pores.

Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for delicate and oily skin.


  • Removes eye makeup tear free
  • Gentle moisturiser
  • Carrier oil for essential oils


  • Organic jojoba oil

Suitable for topical use only, do not consume.


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