Organic Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray (10ml)

Handmade with Cold Pressed Oils and Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-free ingredients in Brighton, UK. 

Wash away makeup and daily dirt, chemical-free, for healthy, vibrant skin.

Rawgaia's Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray contains organic floral waters, essential oils and cold-pressed oils that gently clean the skin without stripping it.

Organic tea tree and juniper are nature’s potent skin cleaners. Combined with additional expertly formulated botanical extracts, our Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray leaves your skin feeling clean, moist and glowing. 

Great for teen skin, combination skin and oily skin.


  • Removes makeup and mascara, tear free
  • Washes away dirt and excess oil
  • Suited for all skin types


Shake the bottle before each use. 

There are two ways that we recommend using this product:

The Express Cleanse

Shake bottle before use and then add around 5 spritz to an organic cotton pad or cloth and then wipe over the face and neck area. Tone the skin and then apply your favourite cold pressed moisturiser.

The Spray Cleanse

Shake the bottle before use and then spray several times onto face and neck. Massage the product into your skin with your fingertips to help to activate the ingredients. Rinse any remaining product off with a warm, damp organic muslin cloth or flannel. Pat the skin dry and then tone and moisturise the skin.


    • Witch hazel floral water
    • Tea tree floral water
    • Juniper floral water
    • Cold pressed jojoba oil
    • Gentle preservative from corn and basil essential oils
    • Essential oil of tea tree and juniper berry

Hand made in Brighton, UK.

Suitable for topical use only, do not consume.

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