What to do if your raw moisturiser melts in the heat....

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We don’t use any wax to set our raw moisturisers (and MSM Beauty Scrub) because we are passionate about manufacturing raw products that can be fully absorbed by the skin. These products are therfore set in Raw Cacao Butter, and because of it's low melting point we are able to hand blend our products without applying any heat. This keeps them in their natural raw state, but can also mean they melt easily if left in a warm environment.

The good news is that because we don’t use any emulsifiers in the moisturisers or anything that interferes with the compound structure of ingredients, once they have melted and reset there is no difference in nutritional state; nothing has been altered or lost.

The special jars that we produce the creams in also have a cooling effect on the raw skincare product. Therefore the temperature on the inside of the jar is significantly cooler than on the outside. 

If one of our raw moisturisers melts it may do so in stages. The first stage being the appearance of objects floating in the cream. This is in fact just parts of the cream melting whilst other parts are still solid.

What can you do if your raw cream melts?

If your raw cream has started to melt, please firstly remember that it's nutritional quality has not been affected.

We recommend that you melt the cream completely in the warmth of the sun, then stir the cream well with a chop stick. You can then put the cream in your refrigerator to set. When it has set It may not appear exactly the same as before, but the performance of the cream will be exactly the same.

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